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The dark side of Lego art


The bright colors of most Lego bricks gives most Lego art a cheerful quality. But there’s a dark side of Lego art, too, which Mike Doyle explores in his book, “Beautiful Lego 2: Dark,” featuring creepy bugs, gloomy buildings, menacing robots and more, all made with those versatile bricks. The book is a sequel to Doyle’s “Beautiful Lego,” which came out last year. “I chose this theme because it seemed to represent a great number of works already coming out of the LEGO community,” Doyle writes in the new book’s preface. “You’ll see destructive objects, like warships and mecha, and dangerous and creepy animals; there is no shortage of material.” Continue Reading →

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‘Ready to Play,’ Pamela Hall

In Pamela Hall’s “Ready to Play,”a bulldog stands over a soccer ball, glaring. Is he standing guard against those who might want to steal it from him. Or hoping for someone to come along and join him in some fun? Maybe a little bit of both? This is one of the many striking — and very human-like — canine images in “The Dog Show: The Art of Our Canine Companions,” which is at the Morris Museum through Dec. Continue Reading →

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‘Ocean Coral,’ Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine

One of the most humble media in the art world, paper, is explored in “Pulp Culture: Paper Is the Medium,” an exhibition which is at the Morris Museum in Morris Township through Dec. 7. It includes more than 80 objects: everything from life-size sculptures of humans to jewelry made out of paper. At right is the gracefully flowing “Ocean Coral,” by Erik Demaine and his father, Martin Demaine. This is an example of what they call Curved-Creased Sculpture. Continue Reading →

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Dorfman embraces the new at homecoming show


Nostalgia was in the air when the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company appeared on Sunday in the Bickford Theatre of the Morris Museum in Morris Township. The company made its debut there in 1982, and this return was billed as a “homecoming.”

During intermission, Dorfman thanked the people who helped her launch the troupe, but she didn’t linger over reminiscences. Soon it was back to the future with a performance of the choreographer’s “Interior Designs.” A visually arresting piece that bathes the auditorium in projections, “Interior Designs” was created last year, employing “video mapping” technology that didn’t exist in 1982. It would have been interesting to see one of the dances from the company’s inaugural season, but like most creative artists Dorfman is more interested in where she’s going than in where she’s been. The oldest piece on the program, “Love Suite Love,” had its premiere on the Bickford stage in 1992. Continue Reading →

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