Nalani and Sarina part of hometown ‘Ladies Take the Stage’ concert in Flemington

Nalani and Sarina will perform in their hometown, Flemington, on Saturday.

Nalani and Sarina will perform in their hometown, Flemington, on Saturday.

Live music offerings in Hunterdon County have always been a bit sparse, but that has improved, a bit, with the launch late last year of the Stangl Stage, located in the old Stangl pottery factory in Flemington. This Saturday, the venue presents perhaps its biggest show yet, “Ladies Take the Stage,” featuring Nalani and Sarina (twins who hail from Flemington itself), the group The Still Small Voice, Brianna Nelson and Francy.

In a press release, Peach and Danielle Hardy of CUT artisan. hair. design., which is sponsoring the show, said the event“will honor the cultural legacy that women have created in the world of music.”

For Nashville-based acts The Still Small Voice and Francy, the show is part of a longer tour that they are doing together.

“I’ve played with The Still Small Voice a couple times in Nashville, and I love theirauthenticity and beautiful songwriting,” saidFrançois “Francy” Goudreault, in a press release. “Christiana (Benton), the frontwoman, is the real deal, and her bandis made up of awesome stand-up guys.

“I’m actually playing bass for them on this tour becausetheir bassist had to stay home for personal reasons. All of us actually all play together on worship teams at our church back home, so we’re good friends and have gotten to know each other’smusical instincts. It’s going to be a really special tour.”

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