NJArts.net to revisit 350 Jersey Songs project, which will become 400 Jersey Songs

350 jersey songs 2020

Bruce Springsteen, shown here on the cover of the “Born to Run” single, has the most entries, 16, of any artist on the 350 Jersey Songs list.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but with the coronavirus making going to shows impossible, now seems like the right time.

A little background first: In 2014 and 2015, in conjunction with the 350th anniversary of the state’s creation, NJArts.net had a 350 Jersey Songs project. For 350 days in a row, I did a post on a song that was by a Jersey artist, or was about New Jersey in some way, or at least was recorded in the state. You can find links to the 350 posts, listed in alphabetical order (by artist) or in order chosen, here.

Starting today, NJArts.net will repost a song a day for the next 350 days (actually 358, since I added eight bonus songs after the 350 were done) and then keep going until I get to 400. After I’m done, sometime in the middle of 2021, it will be renamed the 400 Jersey Songs list.

There are three reasons why I’m doing this.

First, NJArts.net has grown a lot since 2014-15. A lot of people who now use it regularly were not aware of it then, and so have not seen these posts.

Second, this gives me a chance to clean up the posts, one by one. Look over them again, make some editing tweaks, make sure the videos still work. Maybe add some relevant information, from time to time. In some cases, there may no longer be a usable video to embed; if this happens, I will eliminate the song. (These posts continue to get hits, every day, so it’s a good thing to make sure they’re in good shape.)

Third … obviously, I hope people will enjoy revisiting these posts, or reading them for the first time (and learning about some Jersey songs they may not have known about) as they look for things to do to make their social distancing a little more tolerable.

So, let’s get started! Here’s the first repost: “Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody,” by the Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir.


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