Montclair State sets activities for George Segal Day



George Segal’s  “Street Crossing,” at Montclair State University.

Nov. 26 was the 90th anniversary of the birth of sculptor and painter George Segal, who died in 2000. And to celebrate, Montclair State University — whose main art gallery is called the George Segal Gallery — will host a series of Segal-related events on Dec. 18, which is it calling George Segal Day.

Segal lived in South Brunswick for much of his life, and his daughter, Rena, will be on campus for the celebration. She is one of the models for his 1992 “Street Crossing,” a collection of seven life-size figures who look like they’re walking city streets, or waiting for the light to change; it was donated to the university by the George and Helen Segal Foundation in 2006, and is on display, outside the Kasser Theater, year-round.

The following events will be offered on Dec. 18. All are free.

• There will be screenings of the documentary, “George Segal: American Still Life,” hourly from 1 to 4 p.m. at the George Segal Gallery.

• There will be an invitation-only reception for the winner and top five runner-ups of the “Selfie With Segal” photo contest, in which people are invited to take photos of themselves with “Street Crossing.” Photos will be featured on the gallery’s Facebook page, and voted on there. Winners will be announced on Dec. 16. For information, the university’s web site or the gallery’s Facebook page.

• There will be a temporary exhibition of Segal’s plaster casts at the gallery on Dec. 18, along with black and white photographs by Dr. Donald Lokuta, a close friend of Segal’s.

Other invitation-only events are planned as well. For information, click here.

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