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The Gia Maione Prima Foundation is the founding supporter of is grateful for the generosity of our founding supporter, the Gia Maione Prima Foundation. For more about their work, visit

More sponsors are now being sought. If you are interested, here are the levels of support:

Founding Supporter: $10,000. You receive an article announcing your support; the opportunity to join’s board of advisers; an ad on the site (top position guaranteed) and in our newsletter for a year; and acknowledgement on website and at any NJArts virtual or in-person fundraising events.

Gold: $5,000. You receive the opportunity to join’s board of advisers; an ad on the site (second or third position guaranteed) and in our newsletter for a year; and acknowledgement on website and at any NJArts virtual or in-person fundraising events.

Silver: $2,500. You receive an ad on the site and in our newsletter for a year; and acknowledgement on website and at any NJArts virtual or in-person fundraising events.

Bronze: $500. Acknowledgement on website and at any NJArts virtual or in-person fundraising events.

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We are also grateful to our advertisers. For a list of advertisers, past and present, click here. does not make its users subscribe. But it does ask for payment, in the form of voluntary subscriptions that can be made via the yellow PayPal “Donate” button below or to the right.

Here is a list of those who have subscribed so far.

• 100th Monkey Foundation, 100th
• Howard Adelman
• Kenneth A. Aidekman
• Deborah Albericci
• John Alexander
• Leon Alirangues
• Anonymous (2)
• Glenn Alexander
, (see video below)
• Ed Alstrom,
Articulate Moves
• Richard Atkin
• Gina Auriemma
• Backward Glances, Asbury Park.
• Joe Bakes
, “In memory of our friend Robert Rastelli.”
• Steve Barlotta, Sensational Soul Cruisers
• Rob Barnett
• David Batko
• Barbara Beeman
• Barbara Berger
• John Bey
• Dee Billia
Jerry Birenz
• Laurel Ann Bogen
• Patricia Bolembach
• David Borzellino
• Mary Ann Bourbeau,
• Serena Boyd
• Braithwaite & Katz Communications
• Joel Braver
• Jeanne Brasile
• Jenifer Braun
• Kevin Brennan
• Brook Arts Center,
• Diane R. Brookshire
• Rhonda Brown
• Thomas Burtnett
• Glen Burtnik
• Cindy Byram

The logo for Ted Canova’s podcast, “That One Lyric” (available at

• Ted Canova,
• Virginia Carhuff
Alice Carroll
• Eileen Chapman
• Leslie Chiocco
• Clan Currie Society
• Ray Coles
• Diane Connor
• Allison Connery
• Rosemary Conte
• Barbara Cooper
• Richard Cowen
• Cozy Cabin Concerts
, Green Brook.
• James Craig
• Jim Crisci
• Susan Cucinotta
• Lydia McNally Danenberg
Kate DelCorpo: “I support from Centenary College, Hackettstown!”
• Mike Derrico,
• Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam: “Since I was a teenager attending my first rock concerts, I always turned the pages of my local NJ newspaper looking to compare concert and album review notes with what Jay Lustig wrote the Sunday after the show. Now, having is like Sunday every day! If you love it like I do, join me in supporting this local Jersey gem!”
• Karl Dietel,
• Carolyn Dorfman,
Bernie Drury
• Peggy Dudas
• John, Helen and Martin Dull
• Carol Durborow
• Kara Emmons
• Leianne Eskinazi
• Judith Fallat
Experiment 34
• Linda Fowler, New Jersey Performing Arts Center,
Jon Fried & Deena Shoshkes. “Thanks so much for all you do!”
• Jerry Fried
• Susan Friend
Lisa Marie Fuchs
• Sigrid Gabler
• Bonnie Gallaro
• Amy Gallop
• Karen Gavini
• Susan Gerger
• Toby Giardiello
• Mike Greenblatt
• Bill Greig
• Monique Grimme
• Lisa Gussack
• Randall Haase
• Susan Hammond
• Nola Hansen
, in support of, Basking Ridge
• Bruce Haring
• Craig Hatter
• Rita and Nelson Hausman
• Billy Hector,
• John Hegarty
• Karen High
• Mary Howe
• George K. Huckey
• David Hultz
• Manny Igrejas
• Tim Jackson,
JEM Records
• Cindy Johnson
• Dannevan Jones
• Remember Jones,
• Regina Joskow:
“Thanks for all you do to support the arts in NJ. The creative community owes you a debt of gratitude.”
• Robert Kanouse
• Grover Kemble,
• Lauren Koniaris
• Mary Lee Kortes
• Irene Kostrzewa
• Liz Krinsky
• Leslie Krone
• Ken Kurson
• Aniko Kuschatka
• Ronalde Labaco
• Pascale Lafontant
• Taneshia Nash Laird

The Lakehouse Music Academy has opened a new location at the Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank.

• Lakehouse Music Academy,
• Jennifer Lampert
• Margaret Larkin-Koenig
• Rubin Latz
• Bettye LaVette: “Keep up the good work, Kevin Kiley & Bettye LaVette.”
• Stephen Lepore
• Dave Levites
• Susan Livio
• LTS Electronics
Lump ‘N’ Loaf Records
• Cliff Lubin
• Joyce Luhrs
• David Machlowitz
• Brian Martinez
• Judy McCrone
• The McDonald
• Bob McGee
, New Jersey Jazz Society
• Alison McLennan
• James McSherry
• Kevin Meixell
• Ed Melee

• Joseph Mellicker and Judith Scheuer
• Al Mercuro
• Nancy Mercuro
Middle Valley Community Center, Long Valley
• James F. Miller.
“Please support Trenton area music legend Ernie White.”
• Kay Miller
• Michael Mitsch
• John Mooney
• Douglas Morgan
• Diane Moser
• New Jersey Stage,
• Matthew Noreen
• Steve Oates
• Bob O’Donnell
• Steve Olson
• Organigaya Cafe
Helen O’Shea,
• James Pair III
• Rob Paparozzi
• Laura Pekata
• Bob Perry
• Tracy Politowicz
• Stephanie Pollak
• The Porchistas:
“Thanks Jay, Tris, Jim & company for relentlessly supporting NJ musicians with  your vast knowledge & professional journalism. We appreciate it, as do many friends in our vast musical circle. Cheers, The Porchistas.”
• Dave Post,
• Jennifer Pricci,
Phantom Power Marketing
• Gail Prusslin.
 “Thanks for all you do to support Outpost in the Burbs and all the arts organizations and artists in New Jersey.”
• Barry Rebo
• Michael Redmond
Rent Party
• Michael Rescigno, The RAZ Band
• Joseph Riccardello
• James Richards

Students in the Rockit Live program, which is among's supporters.

Students in the Rockit Live program, which is among’s supporters.

Rockit Live Foundation, “NJ’s leading music education and live performance program offered at the Count Basie Theatre, helps to develop, nurture and inspire young musicians to reach their full artistic potential.”
• MaryAnn Roper
• Janice Roseingrave
 Bob Rosenberg
• Carol Ross-Durborow

• Ruth Ruth:
• Mike Santoro
• Neil Scheck
• Judith Scheuer
• Daniel Schott
• Marty Scott, Jem Records
• Caryn Segal
• Jim Segarra
• Grace Shackney

• Susan Silberman

The cover of Barbara Simon’s book, “Singing – Body and Soul.”

• Barbara Simon: “Singing – Body and Soul” from BJ Simon Singing Studio. “Endorsed by Stephen Flaherty (Tony winner) “wise, witty and accessible book” and 4-star Goodreads review by Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect movies).”
 Tom Skevin
• Evelyn Skinner
• Jack Skuller
• Mitch Slater
• Ginny Eick Smith
• Linda and Don Jay Smith,
• Robert Sowa
• Speed the Plough: “Best wishes from your friends in Speed the Plough.”
• Scott Stamper, The Saint,
• Stangl Stage, Flemington:
• Sheryl Starr
• Caryn Starr-Gates
, StarrGates Business Communications
• Sammy Steinlight
• Stoddart Associates
Storybook Sound (Rebecca Turner and Scott Anthony)
David Stone/Music With Friends
. “What exactly is Music With Friends NJ? It’s an exclusive membership concert club that provides great performances at a small intimate theater featuring iconic & legendary performers that normally play considerably larger venues. It’s as close to a perfect experience as a music lover’s evening can get.”
 Strand Theater, Lakewood.
• Wallace Stroby:
• Summit Film Society,

The Jersey-based internet radio station The Sunday Ramble is among's supporters.

The Jersey-based internet radio station, “The Sunday Ramble,” is among’s supporters.

• The Sunday Ramble: “Happy 2nd anniversary from The Sunday Ramble.”
• Philip Sutcliffe
• Sheridan Swope
•Debi Taffet.
Donation made in honor of Cindy Stagoff’s birthday.
• Jack Tannehill,
Jim Testa
• Angela Thomas
, Prana Marketing and Media Relations
• Jerry Treacy
• Linda M. Truitt
• Steve Urbish
• Lily Vakili,
• Martha Vaughan
• Karen Weitzman
• Welcome to My Garden,
• Lorraine Whittlesey
• Dick Wingate
• Thom Wolke
• John Wooding 


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