Jazz, September

Sept. 23: Wallace Roney Quintet at Trumpets, Montclair.
Sept. 23: Rob Paparozzi Quartet at Shanghai Jazz, Madison.
Sept. 23: John Bianculli at Rudolph’s Steakhouse, Bernardsville.
Sept. 24: Winard Harper’s Sunday Session with Myron Walden at Moore’s Lounge, Jersey City.
Sept. 24, 4 p.m.: Bajapontino at Trumpets, Montclair.
Sept. 24, 7 p.m.: Carrie Jackson presents the Jazz Vocal Collective at Trumpets, Montclair.
Sept. 24: Leonieke Scheuble Trio at Shanghai Jazz, Madison.
Sept. 26: John Korba at Shanghai Jazz, Madison.
Sept. 26: Jonathan Kirschner Band at Garden State Ale House, New Brunswick.
Sept. 27: Susana Raya at Trumpets, Montclair.
Sept. 27: Mariel Bildsten Trio at INC American Bar and Kitchen, New Brunswick.
Sept. 28: George Gee Swing Orchestra at Bickford Theatre at Morris Museum, Morris Township.
Sept. 28: Spyro Gyra at Newton Theatre, Newton.
Sept. 28: Dave Stryker Quartet at Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick.
Sept. 28: The Paul Abler Octet at Trumpets, Montclair.
Sept. 28: Jared Gold Quartet at Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick.
Sept. 29: Mordy Ferber Trio at Trumpets, Montclair.
Sept. 29: Blue Soul Quintet featuring Herb Woodson at Shanghai Jazz, Madison.
Sept. 29: Stephen Fuller Duo at Due Mari, New Brunswick.
Sept. 30: Enrico Granafei Quartet at Trumpets, Montclair.