Springsteen covered by women: The best of the best, part 4

Shawn Colvin’s cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Tougher Than the Rest” is included in this fourth part of the “Springsteen Covered by Women: The Best of the Best” series.

I have already done three posts of Bruce Springsteen songs, covered by women, but it was really no trouble to find enough great covers to put together a fourth.

First of all, lots of people have suggested covers I wasn’t aware of: I’ve included many of them here. Second, there are some covers that didn’t even exist when I put together the first set (in early 2015), such as the two Boss-written songs from the late 2015 Introducing Darlene Love album. And third, I’ve stumbled upon some more great ones on my own.

Below are videos for the 14 new additions to the series, in alphabetical order (by artist).

Here is a link to Part 1.

Here is a link to Part 2.

Here is a link to Part 3.

(7/2/17 Update: I have now added a Part 5).

(11/2 Update: I have now added a Part 6)

And here is a link to an index of all 121 songs, from all six parts.

Deana Carter: “State Trooper”

Shawn Colvin: “Tougher Than the Rest”

Catherine Feeny: “I’m on Fire”

Hem: “Valentine’s Day”

Jill Hennessy: “No Surrender”

Moa Holmsten: “Highway 29”

Lucy Kaplansky: “Thunder Road”

Darlene Love: “Just Another Lonely Mile”

Darlene Love: “Night Closing In”

Lera Lynn: “Fire”

Hanna Morgan: “No Surrender”

Jennifer Nettles: “Glory Days”

The Staves: “I’m on Fire”

Dar Williams: “Highway Patrolman”

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