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‘Good Lovin’,’ The Young Rascals


In 1965, a California doo-wop group called the Olympics had a minor hit with an urgent plea of a song titled “Good Lovin’.” The next year, The Young Rascals, formed in Garfield, had their first major hit with it, not by radically reworking it, but just by upping the mood from urgent to practically frantic. Check out the band’s performance of it on the television show “Hullabaloo,” below. Many more hits were to follow for The Young Rascals (who later changed their name to The Rascals), including “Groovin’,” “People Got to Be Free,” “How Can I Be Sure” and “A Beautiful Morning.” They broke up in 1972, but 40 years later, singer-organist Felix Cavaliere, singer Eddie Brigati, guitarist Gene Cornish and drummer Dino Danelli reunited for a combined concert/theatrical show called “The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream.” Continue Reading →

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