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Pop-prog master Alan Parsons brings his Live Project to Newton and New York

Alan Parsons must be the hero of recording engineers everywhere: He made the transition that many of them must dream about, starting out as a studio technician but then becoming a star in his own right. At the start of his career, the London native worked on albums such as The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Then, from the mid-’70s to the late-’80s, his Alan Parsons Project released a series of popular prog-meets-pop albums, and had hit singles such as “Eye in the Sky” and “Games People Play.” Now 66, he still takes on producing, engineering and recording projects, and is also an author (his “The Art and Science of Sound Recording” came out last year) and a farmer (he grows avocados on his Santa Barbara, Calif. ranch). Continue Reading →

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NJ shows of the week: The Early November, Billy Idol, Alan Parsons

Could The Early November have happened anywhere other than New Jersey? Maybe a few other places could have sprouted a band like this one, but then again, maybe not. Ace Enders writes with the combination of self-deprecation and total conviction that’s only present in the work of artists operating in the shadows of big cities. Think about where most of the indelible emo-pop of the ’00s came from: Jersey, Long Island, suburban Pennsylvania, the Chicago and Los Angeles suburbs. For Enders, who put his band together in Hammonton, the big city was Philadelphia, which itself suffers from a little-brother complex. Continue Reading →

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