Infinity Climber at Liberty Science Center



The Infinity Climber at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.

Okay, it may not technically be a work of art. But it does look like a piece of modern sculpture. As imagined by Dr. Seuss.

The Infinity Climber, billed as “the world’s first suspended climbing play space of its kind,” will be unveiled at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, Saturday. High wire aerialist Nik Wallenda will be there, on that day, to climb it himself, and attendees can also take part in the museum’s Family Fun Fitness Festival.

The Climber consists of 64 platforms connected to curved steel pipes. Some platforms are 35 feet above the ground, but the entire structure is enclosed by wire netting, for safety purposes. Up to 50 people can climb it at one time.

It was designed by Spencer Luckey of the New Haven-based Luckey Climbers company. According to its website,, the company specializes “in creating unique and imaginative climbing structures for children-oriented institutional and commercial clients,” and attempts “to create signature sculptural works that define public spaces and draw in crowds of visitors to experience whimsical and exciting, but always safe, climbing structures.”

For information on the museum and the Infinity Climber, visit
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