Through Aug. 23: “Living Together,” featuring ceramics, paintings and drawings by Francesca Reyes and Max Budnick, at Deep Space Gallery, Jersey City.

Through Aug. 31: “Peter Allen: Wood and Clay Sculpture of 2020,” “Armisey Smith: Side-eye, Pink-eye,” “Peter Tilgner: Moon Flowers,” “Lisa Hirkaler: Pieta” at Studio Montclair Gallery.

Through Oct. 4: “W. Carl Burger: Mastery of the Medium: Selections from the Permanent Collection” at Morris Museum, Morris Township.
Through Oct. 4: “Eva Zeisel: A Century of Designing Elegance” at Morris Museum, Morris Township.

Through Jan. 10: “A Cache of Kinetic Art: Tiny Intricacies” at Morris Museum, Morris Township. Works by Bill Durovchic, Bradley Litwin, Cecilia Schiller, Chris Fitch, Jim Bond, Kenneth C. MacBain, Kim Nogueira, Kirk Lang, Philip Lowndes, Rachelle Weir, Walter Rossi, Will Rockwell.

Through March 7: “2020 New Jersey Arts Annual: Dissonance” at Morris Museum, Morris Township. Works by Adriane Colburn, Amanda Austin, Amy Benfer, Chung-Fan Chang, Cleo Mack, Donna Conklin King, Eitan Barokas, Emanuele Cacciatore, Erin Kuhn, Irmari Nacht, Isaac Stackwell, Jane Biron, Jean-Paul Picard, Jim Goss, Joanna Madloch, Joanna Popinska, Jonathan Collins, Judy Lipman Shechter, Judy Wukitsch, Kimberly Witham, Liz Menzie, Marina Carreira, Mark Ludak, Matthew Feuer, Maya Just Maya, Megan Klim, Michael Endy, Mike Richison, Olga Alexander, Pat Brentano, Peter Delman, Sarah Canfield, Skeffington Thomas, Tracy DiTolla, Tsai Hsi Hung.

Aug. 13-Sept. 19: “Thoughts & Prayers, Another Round of Vacant Stares” at Chashama Matawan. With Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Chee Bravo, Kimberly Camp, Wendy Cohen, Pam Cooper, Leslie Anne Condon, Timothy Dill, Patrick Hay, E. Sherman Hayman, Cheryl Gross & Nicelle Davis, Joy on Fire, Gusty Kincaid, Kathleen Hurley Liao, Local Artist, George Lorio, Tali Margolin, Brian McCormack, ChurchOf.Art, Stacey AS Pritchard, Margaret Roleke, Dominic Sansone, Danielle Scott, Joan Sonnenfeld, Suprina, Kenechi Unachukwu, Jodi Walker, Sue Eldridge Ward, Kristen T. Woodward.

Aug. 15-16: Art All Night (virtual festival), Trenton.


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