Aztec Two-Step will sing Simon and Garfunkel and more at SOPAC


Rex Fowler, left, and Neal Shulman form Aztec Two-Step, which will perform at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, Oct. 27.

(Update: This show has been postponed. I will add new date here when it is announced.)

“I’m not as good a guitar player as Paul Simon,” Rex Fowler of Aztec Two Step told DJ Easy Wind on the internet radio station “But I’m a much better guitar player than Art Garfunkel.”

He made the joke as part of an interview previewing the folk duo’s Oct. 27 concert at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, which is being billed as “The Simon & Garfunkel Songbook performed by Aztec Two-Step.” The duo, singer-guitarists Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman (backed by bassist Fred Holman), will present a multimedia show, with a slideshow and narration, focusing on Simon & Garfunkel material, though they will also perform some of their own original songs, and hits by one of Simon & Garfunkel’s biggest influences, The Everly Brothers.

Aztec Two-Step, which formed in 1971 and released its first album in 1972 , has been presenting these Simon & Garfunkel-focused shows, occasionally, for years.

“They sing like no other duo in the world,” Fowler told DJ Easy Wind. “Art Garfunkel is one of the most amazing voices of his generation. And we’re not doing exactly what those guys did, because nobody could. It would be like trying to go out and do exactly what The Beatles did. You don’t do that. But we certainly can represent the songs, and we do it in our own style — but you certainly will recognize all the songs.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s good for us. It kind of breaks up what we’ve done for these 46 years.”

The SOPAC show is at 8 p.m.; visit

You can hear the complete interview here:

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