Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston overlooked for Hall of Fame once again

Bon Jovi (from left, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, Tico Torres and Jon Bon Jovi).


Bon Jovi (from left, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, Tico Torres and Jon Bon Jovi) have been overlooked by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame once again.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will have a chance to right some wrongs in 2016, as long-snubbed acts such as Yes, Chicago and Deep Purple have made the official nominees list.

Also nominated are Nine Inch Nail, NWA, Cheap Trick, The Cars, Janet Jackson, The Smiths, Chaka Khan, Chic, The J.B.’s, Los Lobos, Steve Miller and the Spinners.

No nominee is in his, her or its first year of eligibility, though NWA and Nine Inch Nails are relative newcomers, in their fourth and second years of eligibility, respectively.

The J.B.’s (James Brown’s backing band) are the biggest surprise, but really, it would have made more sense for them to be given the honorary Award for Musical Excellence.

It’s not a bad list, overall, though as a Jersey arts journalist, I must point out that the hall has once again insulted the state by failing to nominate Bon Jovi (only nominated once before) and Whitney Houston (never nominated).

Oh, and another thing: Wouldn’t it be nice if Frank Sinatra, in his centennial year, was recognized in the honorary Early Influence category? Who was more influential than him on all singing in the world of popular music in the 20th century?

For the record, if I had to pick seven inductees from among these nominees, I’d go with Yes, Nine Inch Nails, NWA, Janet Jackson, Chicago, Deep Purple and The Smiths.


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