‘Born to Run’ 40th anniversary poster is a WhyHunger fundraiser

This poster of the 'Born to Run' cover, at 150 percent of its original size, will benefit World Hunger Year.

This poster of the ‘Born to Run’ cover, at one and a half times its original size, will benefit WhyHunger.

One of Bruce Springsteen’s favorite charities, World Hunger Year, is benefiting from sales of a new poster created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the Born to Run album, which is today.

The 24-inch by 40-inch poster, available at backstreets.com, features the original cover at one and a half times its original size, and was overseen by the image’s photographer, Eric Meola (who provided a fresh scan of the original photo) and Dave Bett, art director at Springsteen’s record company, Sony.

“When we were reworking the cover art and packaging, there was no exact match for that typeface anymore, which originally had been done in the days of going to a typesetter, pre-Mac,” said Bett on backstreets.com. “We worked with a typographer to recreate the alphabet from scratch, paying special care to match the letterforms and kerning.”

To commemorate the year 1975, there are 1,975 copies for sale.

WhyHunger, incidentally, was created in 1975 as well, by Bill Ayres and the late Harry Chapin, under its original name, World Hunger Year. The WhyHunger anniversary is noted on the poster.

The price is $50.

Additionally, a copy signed by Springsteen is being auctioned via the web site charitybuzz.com, to raise more money for WhyHunger. Bidding closes at 3 p.m. Sept. 10.

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