#BroadwaySpringsteen: ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Stone Pony’ and more



I don’t know how it started — you never know how these things start — but the hashtag #BroadwaySpringsteen became a popular one on Twitter this afternoon, after the news broke that Bruce Springsteen may perform a series of concerts at a Broadway theater this fall.

The hashtag is typically accompanied with a classic Broadway song or play title, altered with a Springsteen reference, or a Springsteen song or album, altered with a Broadway reference. I have to confess, I jumped in with “Sunday in Asbury Park With George” and am currently trying to think of more.

The news about Springsteen’s Broadway run is still not official. The New York Post broke it in a post at noon today.

Here are some#BroadwaySpringsteen examples.

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