Carrie Underwood’s new ‘Stretchy Pants’ bears striking resemblance to Remember Jones’ ‘Fat Jeans’ (WATCH VIDEOS)

carrie underwood remember jones

From left, images from Remember Jones’ “Fat Jeans” and Carrie Underwood’s “Stretchy Pants” videos.

Fans of both country-pop star Carrie Underwood and New Jersey singer-songwriter-showman Remember Jones — there must be some — will undoubtedly notice a strong resemblance between her new neo-soul song “Stretchy Pants” and its animated video, and his neo-soul song “Fat Jeans” and its animated video (released in June). You can watch the videos for both, below.

“I truly believe people can have the same idea,” said Remember Jones. “I love the universality of the concepts — maybe we were inspired similarly and that’s awesome! From there, I’m not sure how to feel; there are a bit too many similarities between the concepts and work. This puts me, ‘the small guy,’ in the strange position of worrying if defending myself and my work will hurt me in the long run.

“I don’t want anyone hurt — I’d prefer to work together, support the same charity Carrie and team are raising awareness for, and come together in the same sentimentality we are writing about. We are all working hard to see our dreams come alive and help people and things we care about. You never know how a simple acknowledgement or helping hand could change someone’s life.”

Underwood, who co-wrote “Stretchy Pants” with Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano, has announced that a portion of the proceeds from it will go to The Store in Nashville, a free grocery store for those in need, co-founded by Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberley Williams-Paisley.

There has been no comment so far to an email sent to Underwood’s publicist, asking for a comment about “Fat Jeans.” If any comes in (or if she responds in some other way), I will add to this post.

An Instagram post by Remember Jones about this matter has generated 200 likes and 75 comments.

Here are the two videos:

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