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by JAY LUSTIG will benefit from a March 13 concert at Crossroads in Garwood. will benefit from a March 13 concert at Crossroads in Garwood.’s 350 Jersey Songs project will provide most of the setlist on March 13, when Crossroads in Garwood presents a benefit for the web site, featuring artists on the list.

The show’s basic format calls for each artist to perform their song (or one of their songs) from the list plus a cover of another artist on the list, though there will undoubtedly be some variations from the format. The 350 Jersey Songs posts were written daily from Sept. 2014 to Sept. 2015; the songs are all about some aspect of the Garden State, or by a Garden State artist, or recorded live in the state.

Tickets are $25; for more information, see the event’s Facebook page.

Here is the event’s current lineup, in alphabetical order, along with links to the participants’ songs from the 350 Jersey Songs list. More artists are likely to be added, and the lineup is subject to change. (NOTE: list updated 2/23).

Richard Barone: “The Bulrushes” (The Bongos)
Matt Davis: “Point Pleasant” (The Thousand Pities)
Jason Didner: “Jersey Dinosaurs” (Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam), “You Can’t Get There From Here in Jersey”
Pat DiNizio: “Blood and Roses,” “Christmas (I Remember),” “Behind the Wall of Sleep” (The Smithereens)
Joe D’Urso: “Come Down Tonight (Asbury Park)” (Joe D’Urso and Stone Caravan)
The Grip Weeds: Performing their cover of The Knickerbockers’ “Lies” and one other song.
Loretta Hagen: “Hello Mountain (Ode to Bearfort Mountain)”
Chris Kennedy, Mike Lustig and Johnny Powers“Uninvited” (Ruth Ruth)
Dave Kleiner and Liz Pagan: “Stuck Inside New Jersey”
Jon Fried and Deena Shoshkes of the Cucumbers
“Rent Party” (The Cucumbers)
Tris McCall: “Sugar Nobody Wants”
Scott E. Moore: “The Bridge and Tunnel Song”
The Porchistas: “The PBR Song”
Speed the Plough
Jim Testa: “(Everything Is Swell) in Weehawken”

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