‘Elk Ridge,’ Julie Askew

"Elk Ridge," by Julie Askew.

“Elk Ridge,” by Julie Askew.

I bet you didn’t know New Jersey has a museum devoted to wildlife art. Yes, New Jersey has a museum devoted to wildlife art, and it’s one of only five of them in the United States.

It’s the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, located in an 1893 cedar shingle and turret carriage house in Oradell. And through Jan. 4, it is hosting a traveling exhibition, “Art and the Animal,” put together by the Society of Animal Artists. Above is one of the 60 paintings and sculptures in the exhibition: “Elk Ridge,” an acrylic painting by Julie Askew. Other artists in the exhibition include Cynthie Fisher, Shawn Gould, John Baumlin and Aaron Yount.

For information on the museum, visit blauveltartmuseum.com. For information on the Society of Animal Artists, visit societyofanimalartists.com.

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