Emily Duff says ‘Do It’ (wear a mask) in new video

Emily Duff Do It

Three of the many mask-wearers in Emily Duff’s video for “Do It.”

It’s such a simple thing, really. Wear a mask to keep yourself, and everyone else, safe. The nationwide resistance is startling. (I realize that most people are complying, willingly. But how can anyone refuse to make such a small sacrifice?)

New York-based singer-songwriter Emily Duff voices the frustration we all feel and gives some common sense advice in her new video for her song, “Do It” (watch below), which features a montage of photos of friends and fans of hers, wearing masks. Many of the people will be familiar to anyone who is part of the New York/New Jersey music scene, or who just goes to a lot of shows.

“Am I the only one who rifled through the pictures to find myself?” asked Terre Roche of The Roches, today on Facebook.

Duff was previously featured in the Songs to See Us Through series, for “Don’t Get Me Started.” But there was no way we could leave this one out.

Befitting the message, it’s a simple, catchy song, featuring Duff on guitar and vocals, with Scott Aldrich on guitar, Skip Ward on bass and Kenny Soule on drums. Duff sings lines such as:

Do it ’cause you want to, do it ’cause it works
Do it for solidarity, to show you’re not a jerk
Do it for our future, please don’t forget the past
Do I really have to say it? Just wear your fucking mask.

So watch the video, and see how many people you can name, even with their masks on.

Duff will open for Susan Werner in a free concert outdoors at Woodbridge High School, Aug. 12 at 7:30 p.m. Visit woodbridgeartsnj.org.

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