Fund started to raise money for Pat DiNizio’s mother


This photo is featured on the page that is raising money for the late Pat DiNizio’s mother.

A campaign has been started by William King, a friend and fan of the late Pat DiNizio, to raise money for the late Smithereens frontman’s mother.

To donate, visit

A message on the page reads:

“As you know from his many stories at shows, Pat’s mother, Mrs. DiNizio, lived with Pat at his home in Scotch Plains. Pat was the sole source of income for the household save for a small Social Security payment that she receives.

“With Pat gone, paying the monthly bills has become a tremendous financial and emotional burden on Mrs. DiNizio. As you may be aware, there have been a couple of shows to help Mrs. DiNizio with the monthly expenses. Fans have been looking for a way to help and show their love of Pat and his music and express their condolensces to Pat’s Mom. This fund is set up to do just that. All of the money raised will go to Mrs. DiNizio.

“If you wanted to go to a show and couldn’t, here is a way to contribute. If you wanted to do something to express your gratitude for all of Pat’s stories about his Mom, here is your chance. Show your appreciation to the woman who brought Pat into this world for us all to enjoy. Please donate what you can.

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