Howard Stern says Bruce Springsteen told him Broadway show is ’emotionally draining’

Springsteen Stern


Bruce Springsteen, in “Springsteen on Broadway.”

Howard Stern attended “Springsteen on Broadway” for the second time, March 14, and talked about it on his first SiriusXM show since then, today.

He says he had an opportunity to talk to Springsteen after the show, which was attended only by SiriusXM listeners and VIPs invited by the satellite radio network.

“I told him again how much I loved the show,” Stern said. “But I got a little bit tongue-tied. Like, I was so moved by the show … I don’t know what to say, and there was a whole room full of people. It wasn’t like I was alone with the guy. I don’t know what to say.

“So I said to him, ‘How are you holding up?’ Meaning, ‘You’re doing this every night, and’ … he’s no spring chicken. So he said … that it’s emotionally draining, but he loves doing it.

“Then he explained that what he gets to do with the show is go back and visit his parents, and visit his neighborhood. You know, he’s able to go there emotionally. You can see, the guy’s onstage, and he’s pouring his heart out. So he likes that aspect. It is draining, but he likes being able to go back and visit.”

Springsteen announced, last week, a final extension of “Springsteen on Broadway” through Dec. 15. Tickets go on sale March 28 at 11 a.m., though Ticketmaster Verified Fan.

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