Howard Stern says he planned to make Donald Trump villain of abandoned ‘Fartman’ movie

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On the Dec. 8 edition of his SiriusXM satellite radio show, Howard Stern said he planned to make Donald Trump, played by Trump himself, the villain of the “Adventures of Fartman” movie he took some steps toward making in the early ’90s.

Trump was a frequent guest on Stern’s radio show before getting into politics. The superhero parody, in which Stern would have played the title character (whose superpower is immense flatulence), had a writer, director and producer lined up.

“I was laying in bed last night, thinking, ‘Oh, if only I had made that movie.’ Because the villain in the movie was the real Donald Trump,” Stern said on Dec. 8, of the script that J.F. Lawton, whose credits include “Pretty Woman” and “Under Siege,” wrote for “Adventures of Fartman” in the ’90s.

“If you had a chance to read the full script, it was crazy. I (the Fartman character) worked for like, kind of a Village Voice newspaper, and the newspaper was failing. It was just not doing well, and I wanted to turn the paper into an investigative kind of newspaper. And lo and behold, I find out that the real Donald Trump was trying to buy up Central Park, to turn it into expensive condos, and, like, Central Park wouldn’t be part of New York anymore, and you had this whole sinister plot.

“So he was going to be like Dr. Evil, Goldfinger, something like that. And I would have had the real Donald Trump do it. And I’m sure Donald would have been thrilled to do it. It was kind of a cool part … And I was just like, ‘Oh my God, how great would it be that the president of the United States was in this movie, playing an evil …’ it just would have been so great, you know? … they could have used that film as a goof. It just would have been perfect.”

“The Adventures of Fartman” went on the back burner when Stern decided to instead make a movie about his own life, 1997’s “Private Parts.” In subsequent years, he occasionally talked about reviving the project, but it never happened.

Stern is now 66 and not very likely to consider to portraying a superhero on film, even a satirical one.


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