‘It Was a Very Good Year,’ Frank Sinatra

The cover of Frank Sinatra's single, "It Was a Very Good Year."

The cover of Frank Sinatra’s 1965 single, “It Was a Very Good Year.”

One of the many strengths of the groundbreaking Jersey-set HBO series “The Sopranos” was its use of music, and one of its quintessential musical moments was the montage at the start of Season 2. After a brief scene that has to do with one of the Jersey mob’s new money-making schemes, we caught up with the characters, several months after the action of Season 1 ended, as Frank Sinatra’s “It Was a Very Good Year” played. Sinatra’s richly romantic reading is in sharp contrast to some of the tawdry things being pictured, but somehow, it all seems perfect; it’s one of Tony’s delusions, perhaps, that there’s an old-fashioned, Sinatraesque sense of romance to his life of crime.

You can watch the “Sopranos” clips below. WARNING: There is some brief nudity in the clip.

Many other artists have recorded “It Was a Very Good Year,” but Sinatra’s version is definitive. He included it on his 1965 album, September of My Years, and it won the Grammy for Best Male Vocal Performance the next year, topping, among other contenders, The Beatles’ “Yesterday.”

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