Jersey band The Deafening Colors gives 2015 song anti-Trump spin in new video

An image from The Deafening Colors' video for 'Diving Horse's

An image from The Deafening Colors’ video for “Diving Horse’s Ghost.”

The Deafening Colors, a band from Atlantic City and Weehawken, has put together a new video for its 2015 song, “Diving Horse’s Ghost,” that adds an anti-Donald Trump spin. And since the song was posted on the band’s Facebook page, Sunday night, it has been viewed more than 10,000 times. (You can watch it below).

The song, “Diving Horse’s Ghost,” juxtaposes pre-casino, family resort era Atlantic City, symbolized by the horses that used to do stunt dives at the Steel Pier, with the city’s relatively glitzy modern incarnation (described as “the hell that they built here”). In the video, Atlantic City is seen as Ground Zero for the rise of Donald Trump, who, of course, built several casino hotels in the city but ran into financial trouble at most of them. News footage, emphasizing violence at Trump rallies, adds a foreboding touch.

“Diving Horse’s Ghost” is from the band’s 2015 Carousel Season, a theme album about the Jersey Shore. For information on the band, visit

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Sinadorm August 2, 2016 - 10:50 am

I preface this by saying I’m not a Trump supporter, but rather hate the media. First of all any author who attempts to write an article about a subject should do a little research, Trump hasn’t had any ownership in the Taj in about 14 years. Most importantly anyone who has half a brain knows that the Atlantic City city council causes more damage to Atlantic City on a weekly bases than Trump ever did. Atlantic city is not a cautionary tale about Donald Trump it is a cautionary tale about too much government involvement in free enterprise. Also no one from this band is from Atlantic City or Absecon Island.


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