The Magpie Salute performs Black Crowes songs and more in Red Bank (PHOTO GALLERY)



From left, Sven Pipien, Marc Ford and Rich Robinson of The Magpie Salute perform at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, Aug. 9.

The Black Crowes have been inactive since 2015, but guitarist Rich Robinson has re-emerged as the frontman of The Magpie Salute, who performed at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank on Aug. 9. The band also includes other former Black Crowes members (guitarist Marc Ford, bassist Sven Pipien) and performs some Black Crowes material in concert.

Wes Orshoski was at the Basie, and took the photos in the gallery below. A copy of the setlist can be seen in one of the gallery photos.

The band will be back in the area later this year, for shows at Irving Plaza in New York, Nov. 15-16; and the Music Box at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, Nov. 17. For information,

In an interview with, Robinson said the band’s name “comes from a superstition based in the UK. There are many variations, but the version I’m drawn to is the belief that if you see a Magpie, you would do well to salute it ‘to ward off negativity, or to have a good day.’ The way you salute the Magpie, based on some traditions is to say ‘Good Mornin’ Captain.’ The reason we salute is to show we’re unarmed, or what I like to say is ‘we come in peace.’ The Magpie falls within the Crowe umbrella of species, figuratively and literally. Magpies can be black and white, which represents the light and the dark. I figured all of these things touch on many aspects of my life and this experience.”

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