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Jersey Shore independent metalcore act Inventure return to the Warped Tour for the fourth time in five years on July 13 at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden.

Inventure continue to dominate the Jersey metal landscape with a spot on the Warped Tour just a couple of a months after the release of their full-length debut LP, “Sociopath.”

Inventure vocalist Stephen Nowak, guitarist-vocalist Dennis Moscara, guitarist John Dalton, bassist Alex D’Angelo and drummer Caleb Vermeulen aren’t sure which to be more psyched about: releasing their first full-length album, Sociopath — with a hot single and video for the dark, menacing “Creations of Chaos” — or playing the final Warped Tour’s Full Sail Stage on July 13 at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden with fellow Jersey acts Molly Rhythm and VANISH.

Either way, they’re Makin Waves!

I recently chatted with the fiercely independent, well-managed metalcore band about their continually burgeoning success, as well as a bit of their history and operation in the following interview:

Q: Did you guys go to Memorial or Brick High?

A: We all went to Brick Memorial except Steve. He went to (Monmouth Regional in) Tinton Falls.

Q: Is that where you met?

A: No, Dennis and John met each other in school but then the rest of us just trickled in from being known of each other in the music scene.

Q: Congrats on your full-length debut, Sociopath. It sounds really great. Is there a theme to the LP that you would like to share?

A: The theme is reminiscent of the thoughts that a sociopath would have. From being maniacal, to depressed, to angry and everything in between.

Q: How is Sociopath musically and lyrically a departure from your EPs?

A: Sociopath is a huge step up from our older music. Musically, it has definitely changed in a heavier and darker aspect. We still managed to leave aspects of our sound throughout but also added more of a concept that all fans of metal can hold onto and enjoy. As with the music, the lyrics have become more complex as well and will make you think when you hear the words.

Q: You’ve been able to accomplish a lot on very DIY terms. What do you think your great accomplishments have been, and who, besides the band, gets credit for them?

A: Some of our greatest accomplishments have been landing awesome shows locally, as well as getting to play festivals such as Mayhem Fest and Vans Warped Tour. Other than that we can thank our management for getting us on the road.

Q: Are all your records self-released? If so, do you prefer to operate that way or would you rather have a record deal?

A: Yes. Being a free agent is great in terms of being able to do whatever you want musically and whenever you want. We would definitely love a record deal because we know it would propel us forward when it comes to any opportunity musically, as well as help financially. We are very specific in what we would want from a record deal and from whom as well.

Q: What is Dreambound, how have they helped the band, and how and why did you hook up with them?

A: Dreambound is one of the biggest, if not the biggest promotional YouTube page of the genre. They specify in melodic music to share to their nearly 200,000 subscribers. They have definitely helped us by releasing our single, “Creations of Chaos,” getting it to 40,000 views. We knew working with them would give us the best turnout on our single, and we couldn’t agree more.

Q: How did you get the Warped Tour?

A: This year’s Warped Tour was picked up by our management. They had a connection with the higher ups at Warped and were lucky enough to get us, as well as a few other bands, on this year’s lineup.

Q: Have Inventure or any of your members ever played Warped before?

A: Yes, we have played a date of Warped Tour four of the past five years. Last year was definitely our best experience, playing the main stage at PNC Bank Arts Center:

Q: How does it feel to be playing the last-ever Warped Tour?

A: It is bittersweet. We are excited to be playing the last time, but also bummed it may very well be the last time.

Q: Out of all the bands playing Warped Tour this year, which are looking forward to seeing most, why, and were they an influence on you?

A: Unearth, In Hearts Wake, and Wage War are probably who we can say we are looking forward to the most. They are amazing and always put on a great show! Elements of all of their music are definitely put back into our sound. August Burns Red would also be on that list, but they sadly are not playing our date.

Q: Stephen has a nice vocal range. How does he get that low guttural roar, and how does he keep it from wrecking his voice?

A: Steve has been doing vocals for years. He has been in a number of metal bands throughout our scene. Only recommendation is practice as much as you can and drink water.

Q: Inventure remind me a bit of your buds in Toothgrinder, who you’ve played with at House of Independents and elsewhere. Any other plans coming up with them?

A: Nothing as of yet, but we are always down to join them whenever it’s possible. They are great. Their recent release is amazing, and we are glad it is propelling them forward the way it is.

Q: What other Jersey bands have you liked working with and where?

A: There are too many to list. Over the years, we have played shows with almost every local Jersey metal band, and it’s always a fun time!


Inventure at a previous appearance at the Vans Warped Tour.

Q: After the Warped Tour performance, what will Inventure be up to as far as shows, as well as any more videos for Sociopath to follow “Creations of Chaos,” and any other activity you would like to plug?

A: The goal is to get on as many awesome shows as possible. Perhaps even another tour run in the fall to keep pushing the album. We do have plans for more videos from the album and something extra special. That shall remain a secret at the moment, but stay tuned!

Q: Is there anything I didn’t ask on which you would like to comment?

A: Follow us on Spotify for updates and future music releases!

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