Is new release by Joe Grushecky ‘with Bruce Springsteen’ a protest song?


Joe Grushecky has posted this photo on his Facebook page.

A new song by Joe Grushecky and his Houserockers band “with Bruce Springsteen” will premiere tomorrow, and it seems likely to have a topical flavor.

That title is “That’s What Makes Us Great” — which seems to be a reference to Donald Trump’s favorite slogan, “make America great again.” And a photo that Grushecky posted on Facebook, when announcing the song, also includes the phrase “Love conquers hate” (echoing the popular anti-Trump slogan, “Love trumps hate”). These two phrases drop a very forceful hint that it’s rooted in the current political moment.

(UPDATE: Yes it is a protest song. For more information, click here.)

Grushecky’s post on his Facebook page reads: “Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers with Bruce Springsteen ‘That’s What Makes Us Great’ world premiere tomorrow morning on SiriusXM Radio E Street Radio’s ‘Live From E Street with Dave Marsh.’ 10 AM EST.”

Disc jockey Tom Cunningham has also posted on Facebook that he’ll play it on his Sunday “Bruce Brunch” show on 105.7 The Hawk and adds “It’ll get your attention.”

The song will be available to download and purchase off tomorrow.

The Pittsburgh-based Grushecky and his Houserockers band have worked with Springsteen many times before. Their next New Jersey concert takes place July 8 at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park.

It has not currently been announced what role Springsteen plays on the song.

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