NJArts.net accelerates Ticket Giveaway program


NJARTS.NET TICKET GIVEAWAYFor most of its 3 ½ years, NJArts.net has been running ticket giveaways for shows in a fairly sporadic way — posting, maybe, one or two new shows a week, maybe more or less, as supply dictates. However, starting tomorrow, in an effort to accelerate the program, we will be posting one new giveaway per weekday (except on holidays).

The giveaways will all be posted, as usual, at njarts.net/ticket-giveaways. As a rough guideline: Giveaways will be posted 7-10 days before show, winner(s) will be chosen 2-3 days before, and those who don’t win will be notified and given a link to a page where they can buy tickets, if they want.

I believe ticket giveaways are a good way for NJArts.net and the state’s arts scene to work in synergy with each other. Everybody (including those who win the tickets, of course) wins.

For the venues, they get some extra publicity for shows they suspect won’t sell out, and more attendees — who may buy concessions and merchandise, get on mailing lists, and become aware of venues and artists that they otherwise wouldn’t know about. And NJArts.net gets some extra traffic. Hopefully, with a new show posted every day, more people will get into the habit of checking out the page regularly.

For venues, artists and arts presenters who have already been giving away tickets, just keep on doing what you’ve been doing. For others, just email me at njartsdaily@gmail.com.

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