NJArts.net creates NJArts Facebook group


NJArts.net has created an NJArts Facebook group: a place for artists, journalists, arts presenters, publicists and fans to share information about anything related to the arts in New Jersey.

Of course, NJArts.net will share its posts there, but the goal is for it to a place where all kinds of people are sharing all kinds of things.

You can join it here. So please do, and please start sharing!

Much of NJArts.net’s traffic over its first three years have come from Facebook. However, as Simon Galperin detailed in his Medium.com article, “How to prepare for the removal of publisher posts from Facebook’s news feed,” Facebook may institute changes this year that will make it harder for a wide audience to see the site’s posts (without paying an extra fee). Having a Facebook group, instead of just a Facebook page, is one way to counteract that.

But maybe it will work out for the best, as I think there is a need for a Facebook group like this, anyway.

Please invite people you know to join the group, and if anyone has any ideas about how the it could be improved, feel free to contact me at njartsdaily@gmail.com

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