At last, Springsteen takes a Broadway encore

Springsteen encore


Bruce Springsteen, shown in “Springsteen on Broadway.”

“You’re a beautiful audience … you’re so good, you guys get the first encore ever,” said Bruce Springsteen at the end of his “Springsteen on Broadway” show, Tuesday night at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

“Feel free to take a picture,” he added, before performing “This Hard Land,” and then taking his final bows.

Springsteen had not taken encores at any of his previous “Springsteen on Broadway” shows. You can watch a fan-made video of the performance, below.

Before Springsteen even started doing previews of the show, in October 2017, I argued that he could add some spontaneity and uniqueness to the shows by doing a different encore every night. There’s no way to know if the encore was a one-time thing, or if he will continue taking one for the rest of the run.

Springsteen will continue presenting “Springsteen on Broadway” through Dec. 15. For information, visit

“This Hard Land” has been a reliably powerful concert number for Springsteen since 1993, and was released on his Greatest Hits and Tracks anthologies in 1995 and 1998, respectively.

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