Rosanne Cash will bring ‘intimate and energetic’ duo show to SOPAC


Rosanne Cash will be at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, Feb. 3.

Rosanne Cash will perform at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, Feb. 3, in a duo format with her husband, guitarist John Leventhal, who has produced or co-produced many of her albums and written many songs with her.

“We do this duo show together a lot,” she said in an interview with Bob “DJ Easy Wind” O’Donnell and Jerry “Jumpin’ J.B.” Balderson of “We really love it … . It’s intimate, without being lethargic — it’s intimate and energetic.”

Cash, who is one of Johnny Cash’s daughters, participated in the Women’s March last week, with her daughters. Like many singer-songwriters, she feels that the current political situation will have an impact on her songwriting.

“I’ve been an activist since I was in my early teens. I campaigned for George McGovern when I was too young to vote,” she said on “I have been active in environmental causes, in children’s issues, political causes. … . So this is not new for me: activism.

“But I have to say that it’s stirred up on a deep, deep level, and my patriotism is stirred up on a deep level. The Cashes have been in America since the 1650s, and I love this country, and the erosion of constitutional values frightens me deeply. So I do feel more activated, and it is starting to affect my songwriting. I was just talking to Ry Cooder a couple of days ago, and he said, ‘Would you rewrite the lyrics to (the traditional song) ‘Jesus Is on the Mainline’ for me, about the current political situation, so I can sing it at this awards ceremony I’m gonna do?’ And I said, ‘Uh, okay.’ ”

You can listen to the complete interview below.

The show takes place Feb. 3 at 8 p.m.; visit

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