Rusted Root plans to be ‘in the moment’ at South Orange Performing Arts Center

Rusted root

Rusted Root performs at the South Orange Performing Arts Center on Oct. 15.

Rusted Root — the Pittsburgh-based band that released its first album, Cruel Sun, 25 years ago this year — performs at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, Oct. 15.

In an interview with DJ Easy Wind of the internet radio station, frontman Michael Glabicki said the band is working on a new album — which will be its first since The Movement, in 2012 — and will be playing a few songs from it.

“Other than that,” Glabicki said, “I have no idea what it’s going to be like. … It sounds like I’m being lazy or something. But the more we just show up that day, and don’t think about anything, and just get in front of the audience, and be surprised by the energy, and just kind of take it all in … then all this stuff starts happening, and we start to play like we’ve never played before, and there’s this really hot, heightened, pristine energy, like in the moment, that the crowd adapts to, and they feel a part of.

“It’s just what we do, and kind of what makes us different than, say, a performer or these entertainers out there now that just kind of come in and put on a show, project their show onto the audience. We’re really connected, and we let whatever happens, happen.”

The band’s current touring lineup includes Glabicki on vocals and guitar, Liz Berlin on vocal and percussion, Dirk Miller on guitar, Zil Fessler on drums, and Bobby Schneck Jr. on bass and vocals.

Rusted Root performs at the South Orange Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 15, with Marc Von Em opening. Visit

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