Spook Handy assembles all-star cast for new version of anthem, ‘Vote’

spook handy vote

Spook Handy (left row, second from top) and other performers in his new “Vote” video.

Jersey-based singer-songwriter Spook Handy assembled an all-star folk-scene cast — including elder statesmen Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul & Mary) and Tom Paxton — for a virtual remake of his anthem, “Vote.”

You can watch it below.

The tone of the song is light but its message is serious. The chorus goes:

Vote! Don’t you never mind the weather.
Get your butt in the booth and pull down the lever.
Vote! For worse or for better

Others in the video include Christine Lavin, John McCutcheon, Guy Davis, Tret Fure, Emma’s Revolution, Friction Farm, Tom Florek, Dave Rimelis, Dennis Warner, Pat Lamanna, Ron Greenstein, Bob Harris & Cyndy Huang, Eric Lambert, Cheryl Prashker, Carla Ulbrich, Diane Perry, Debra Cowan, Carol Crittenden, Tommy Strazza, Lauren Mayer, Chris Birmingham, Shanna in a Dress, Mya Byrne, Rik Palieri, Carl Alderson, Gregg Cagno, Dave Sherman, Sharon & Greg Metz, and Tracy Colletto.

At the end of the video, as the credits roll, Lamanna sings a new verse and chorus she wrote for the tune, that goes, in part:

You can vote as early as the law allows
Avoid the long lines, avoid the crowds
And you won’t have worry ’bout COVID-19

Even better yet put your ballot in the mail
Don’t listen to no politician’s tale
But whatever you do, do it without fail

“Vote” was originally written in 2001 and has been sung by Handy’s hero, the late Pete Seeger, among many others. For more on Handy, visit spookhandy.com.


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