Springsteen plays songs about aging on SiriusXM DJ show titled ‘Old Bones’ (TRANSCRIPT, VIDEOS)

springsteen old souls transcript

“Old Souls” was the theme of Bruce Springsteen’s 23rd DJ show on SiriusXM satellite radio.

“Old bones, hell yes! I got ’em!” declared Bruce Springsteen on his 23rd DJ show on SiriusXM satellite radio, titled “Old Bones” and dedicated to songs about aging.

The show, which debuted June 9 on the network’s E Street Radio channel (channel 20), featured music by Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Jerry Lee Lewis & George Jones, Guided by Voices and others, as well as Springsteen himself (“Kingdom of Days”) and relatively obscure artists such as Murray Ross and The Would-Be-Goods.

You can read what Springsteen said here, and see videos for the songs that were played. In some cases, a version of the song may have been played that is different from what is embedded in this post.

Welcome fans, friends, listeners, lovers, senior citizens from coast to coast and around the world. Welcome to Vol. 23 of “From My Home to Yours,” titled “Old Bones.” Old bones, hell yes! I got ’em! And they speak to me every day. They snap, pop or crack inside my knees. My knees have a language all of their own, and I listen to them. Here is Guided by Voices, with “Old Bones.”

“Old Bones,” Guided by Voices

“As Good As I Once Was,” Toby Keith

And that was Toby Keith with “As Good As I Once Was.” Quote: “I ain’t as good as I once was, but I’m as good once, as I ever was.” God damn straight! (laughs) And, uh, before that, that was Guided by Voices, formed in Dayton, Ohio, in 1983. They have released 30 full-length albums and they thrive on a very, very dedicated cult following. This is Murray Ross, with “Old Bones.”

“Old Bones,” Murray Ross

“Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age,” Jerry Lee Lewis featuring George Jones

That was Jerry Lee Lewis with George Jones, singing “Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age.” (laughs) Let me know about that. Hell, I’m 71. Anybody wants to do something about that, you know where to find me! Don’t be ashamed of your age.” All right. Here’s Carl Perkins with a song that I … I just love this song. It is called “The Class of ’55.”

“Class of ’55,” Carl Perkins

“Restless Farewell,” Bob Dylan

That was Bob Dylan and one of his greatest songs about time moving on: “Restless Farewell,” borrowing the melody of the Irish traditional, “The Parting Glass.” And this is Moe Bandy, with “Till I’m Too Old to Die Young.”

“Till I’m Too Old to Die Young,” Moe Bandy

That was Marion Bandy, born in Meridian, Miss., in 1944, nicknamed Moe by his Pop.

This is my good friend, John Mellencamp … I played on a few of Johnny’s tracks on his upcoming record. We had a great time out there in Bloomington, Ind. I’m sending all my love to Johnny Mellencamp and Ms. M. This is called “Don’t Need This Body.”

“Don’t Need This Body,” John Mellencamp

That was John Mellencamp, the Bloomington Flash, with “Don’t Need This Body.” Before that, Moe Bandy. And this is “Veronica,” Elvis Costello’s beautiful song about Alzheimer’s, written with Paul McCartney. It was inspired by Elvis’ own grandmother, who experienced severe memory loss.

“Veronica,” Elvis Costello

Thank you, Elvis. Coming up, Lefty Frizzell, with one of my favorite Lefty Frizzell tunes, “I’m an Old, Old Man (But I Don’t Want to Go Home).” Come on, Lefty!

“I’m an Old, Old Man,” Lefty Frizzell

“I Still Look Good (for Sixty),” Joe Grushecky

That was Joe Grushecky with “I Still Look Good” — damn good! — “for Sixty.” And before that, Lefty Frizzell. Damn straight! All right. What do we got here? This is the Would-Be-Goods. They are a British indie-pop band fronted by singer Jessica Griffin, and this is a very cool little song called “Too Old.”

“Too Old,” The Would-Be-Goods

That was The Would-Be-Goods. Comin’ up, Kitty Wells.

“Forever Young,” Kitty Wells

“Kingdom of Days,” Bruce Springsteen

That was yours truly, with “Kingdom of Days,” and before that, Kitty Wells with her lovely interpretation of “Forever Young.” And that’s our show. Until we meet again, stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive, and may you stay forever young. Go in peace.

“Young at Heart,” Bob Dylan


Springsteen has been doing “From My Home to Yours” shows since April of 2020. You can read transcripts of what he has said on the previous 22 shows, and see YouTube videos of all the songs he has played, via these links:

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JUNE 3, 2020 (protest songs and more)

JUNE 17 (a “rock ‘n’ roll requiem” for those who have died from coronavirus)

JULY 1 (discussion with and songs by Southside Johnny and Steven Van Zandt)

JULY 15 (summertime songs and memories)

JULY 29 (discussion with and songs by Patti Scialfa).

AUG. 14 (“In Dreams,” nocturnally themed songs and memories)

SEPT. 2 (songs about work, in honor of Labor Day)

SEPT. 16 (end of summer)

OCT. 7 (songs about cars)

OCT. 28 (Election Day- and Halloween-oriented songs)

NOV. 25 (Election Day victory, “music about music”)

DEC. 16 (“Hits of the Week”: music that he has been listening to lately)

JAN. 20 (“Lawyers, Guns & Money: An Inaugural Special”)

FEB. 24 (“New Born Soul”: songs of rebirth)

MARCH 10 (“Fans and Bands”: Songs about bands, their muses, and their fans).

MARCH 31 (“Here Comes the Weekend”)

APRIL 28 (“Waiting on a Friend”)

MAY 26 (“Radio Radio”)

The shows have lasted between one and two hours each, with repeats and on-demand availability following the initial broadcast. “Old Bones” will also be heard June 9 at 6 p.m.; June 10 at 6 a.m. and 3 p.m.; June 11 at 7 a.m. and midnight; June 12 at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.; June 13 at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.; and June 14 at7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Visit siriusxm.com.


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