Springsteen plays songs about radio on SiriusXM DJ show (TRANSCRIPT, VIDEOS)

springsteen radio transcript

“Radio Radio” was the theme of Bruce Springsteen’s 22nd show on SiriusXM satellite radio, which debuted May 26.

Bruce Springsteen began “Radio Radio,” his 22th DJ show on SiriusXM satellite radio, by describing how essential the radio was to him in his musically formative years.

“The power and importance of my radio could not be overstated,” he said. “I lived with it, tucked it in my schoolbag during the day, and tucked it beneath my pillow all hours of the night.”

The show, which debuted May 26 on the network’s E Street Radio channel (channel 20), featured music by Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello and Springsteen himself (“Radio Nowhere,” “Save My Love”), as well as relatively obscure acts The Nine, The Mighty Mike Schermer Band and The Ravyns, and others.

You can read what Springsteen said here, and see videos for the songs that were played. In some cases, a version of the song may have been played that is different from what is embedded in this post.

Hello, hello, prisoners of rock ‘n’ roll, friends, family, brothers and sisters and listeners from coast to coast and around the world. Welcome to Vol. 22 of “From My Home to Yours,” titled “Radio Radio.” Previous to cable, previous to satellite, previous to the prominency of popular music in the New York area, you had your choice of two, two AM radio stations. And for teenagers, one listening device: the Japanese-built transistor radio. It was approximately the size of your iPhone. The transistor was your only connection to the rocking, swinging sounds and culture that was teenagedom in the greater world, in the ’50s and ’60s. WMCA and WABC were our two stations. I hopped between the two, coming to favor ABC with Cousin Bruce Morrow spinning the gold. The power and importance of my radio could not be overstated. I lived with it, tucked it in my schoolbag during the day, and tucked it beneath my pillow all hours of the night. This, this, this music, this was something worth living for. This was speaking to me. There were people who knew and respected who I was and who I wanted to be. There, I could find the answer to the only question my dead little town could not afford to ask: Is there anybody alive out there!

“Radio Nowhere,” Bruce Springsteen

“Radio Radio,” Elvis Costello & the Attractions

That, of course, was Elvis Costello, with one of his greatest rock ‘n’ roll hits: “Radio Radio.” And before that, “Radio Nowhere” by yours truly.

“Raised on the Radio,” The Ravyns

“It’s on the Radio,” The Nines

That was The Nines with “It’s on the Radio.” The Nines were a Canadian power-pop group out of Oakville, Ont. And before that, The Ravyns, R-A-V-Y-N-S, with the lovely “Raised on the Radio.” Now The Ravyns were out of Baltimore, and were best known for this record, cut in 1982 and featured on the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” soundtrack — a film that also featured my fabulous little sister Pam. This is the Mighty Mike Schermer Band, with the wonderful “My Big Sister’s Radio.”

“My Big Sister’s Radio,” The Mighty Mike Schermer Band

“You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio,” Joni Mitchell

That was “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio,” by one of the 20th century’s greatest songwriters, the inimitable Joni Mitchell, and before that, the Mighty Mike Schermer Band, with “My Big Sister’s Radio.” Mighty Mike Schermer was a fixture on the Bay Area club scene for 20 years before moving to Austin, Texas in 2009. He has played along musicians such as Elvin Bishop, Maria Muldaur, Bonnie Raitt — I love her — Howard Tate, Charlie Musselwhite and many more. That’s a heavy set of bona fides, along with making some acclaimed records of his own. This is the one and only Van “The Man” Morrison.

“Hey Mr. DJ,” Van Morrison

“Border Radio,” The Blasters

That was “Border Radio” by The Blasters, one of my all-time favorite bands that I had the pleasure of sitting in for a whole set, at the Hard Rock in Los Angeles, one California night. The Brothers Alvin: Phil and Dave. A killer duo. Masters of Americana, blues, soul, punk, R&B. A beautiful group. And before that, with “Hey Mr. DJ,” the maestro, Van Morrison. And now, my good friends, Warren Zevon, with “Mohammed’s Radio.”

“Mohammed’s Radio,” Warren Zevon

Beach Boys radio jingles

“That’s Why God Made the Radio,” The Beach Boys

That was, of course, The Beach Boys, with “That’s Why God Made the Radio.” And that’s our show. Until next time, turn on, tune in, and rock out. Go in peace.

“Save My Love,” Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen has been doing “From My Home to Yours” shows since April of 2020. You can read transcripts of what he has said on the previous 21 shows, and see YouTube videos of all the songs he has played, via these links:

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MAY 6, 2020 (when the pandemic is over, he promises, “50,000 people will once again scream their heads off somewhere in New Jersey”)

MAY 20, 2020 (a tribute to the late Little Richard and more)

JUNE 3 (protest songs and more)

JUNE 17 (a “rock ‘n’ roll requiem” for those who have died from coronavirus)

JULY 1 (discussion with and songs by Southside Johnny and Steven Van Zandt)

JULY 15 (summertime songs and memories)

JULY 29 (discussion with and songs by Patti Scialfa).

AUG. 14 (“In Dreams,” nocturnally themes songs and memories)

SEPT. 2 (songs about work, in honor of Labor Day)

SEPT. 16 (end of summer)

OCT. 7 (songs about cars)

OCT. 28 (Election Day- and Halloween-oriented songs)

NOV. 25 (Election Day victory, “music about music”)

DEC. 16 (“Hits of the Week”: music that he has been listening to lately)

JAN. 20 (“Lawyers, Guns & Money: An Inaugural Special”)

FEB. 24 (“New Born Soul”: songs of rebirth)

MARCH 10 (“Fans and Bands”: Songs about bands, their muses, and their fans).

MARCH 31 (“Here Comes the Weekend”)

APRIL 28 (“Waiting on a Friend”)

The shows have lasted between one and two hours each, with repeats and on-demand availability following the initial broadcast. “Radio Radio” will be replayed May 26 at 6 p.m.; May 27 at 6 a.m. and 3 p.m.; May 28 at 7 a.m. and midnight; May 29 at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.; May 30 at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.; and May 31 at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Visit siriusxm.com.

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