Springsteen says he doesn’t expect to make major changes to Broadway show; discusses other projects

Springsteen broadway 2021 interview


Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen take their bows after “Springsteen on Broadway” on March 15, 2018.

Bruce Springsteen, who announced this week that he will be resuming his “Springsteen on Broadway” show this summer, called in to SiriusXM satellite radio DJ Jim Rotolo today, to discuss the project, and a few other things. The interview lasted about eight minutes.

Regarding the Broadway show, Springsteen said he’s going to “start sort of freshening up the script, and going through it again, and just seeing if I’m going to make any changes … any small changes, or not. It’s pretty much going to be the show that it was, because I think that’s what people expect, and that’s what I have.”

A moment later, he added, “there will probably be some small (changes). But like I said, I don’t think too much … it lasted for 236 shows pretty much the way it was. It got a little longer, which means I probably added things. I would like to tighten it up a little bit, if anything. I would like to sort of get it a little closer to the way it was when I initially debuted it on Broadway than was it was towards the end, a little bit.”

Regarding new releases, he said: “There’s things we’re working on that are gonna … . We have something’s gonna come out in the fall. I don’t know if it’s been announced yet. … I’ve got things I’ve been working on, basically, that are slated for release either next year or in the fall. Not new records, but things that the fans, I think, are really going to be interested in.”

Later, he talked a little more about this, saying “I think there are some things the fans will have fun with, coming up. We worked on a lot of things from the vault … I’ll let it be a surprise.”

He also said he worked on three songs that will be on John Mellencamp’s next record, and on a project by The Killers that will be out soon.


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