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10 Hairy Legs presents varied, exhilarating program

American modern dance is often like a monologue. Fans typically spend an evening watching as a lone choreographer gives his spiel. But then there are the repertory companies. There aren’t many of them yet, but when a group like 10 Hairy Legs performs, as it did on Nov. 9 in the Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg, the scenery changes and styles switch abruptly. Continue Reading →

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American Repertory Ballet charms with neo-classical pieces


Mary Barton has choreographed a charming divertissement for American Repertory Ballet. This premiere, “Shades of Time,” opened the devoutly neo-classical program that ARB presented on Saturday at The Theater at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg. Barton, a company ballet mistress, and her husband, company director Douglas Martin, view the classroom as a font of inspiration that never runs dry. It provided the vocabulary for all three pieces on Saturday; and while these works varied in style and atmosphere, all found their ultimate justification in the beauty of their classical language. Set to autumnal music by Elgar, “Shades of Time” depicts the passing hours. Continue Reading →

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