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Drummer Butch Trucks busy with various post-Allman Brothers Band projects

March used to mean a series of Allman Brothers Band shows at the Beacon Theatre in New York, but that will not be happening this year, since the band’s October Beacon run was billed as its farewell. But Butch Trucks, one of the band’s drummers and co-founders, will be traveling from his West Palm Beach, Fla., home to the Northeast, anyway. He’ll play with the School of Rock Allstars at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, Sunday afternoon, after making an appearance at the Words bookstore in Maplewood on Saturday. Trucks, 67, says he first become involved with the School of Rock through their West Palm Beach area locations. He met with the students, and played with them. Continue Reading →

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‘Testify,’ The Isley Brothers (featuring Jimi Hendrix)


The Isley Brothers were originally from Cincinnati, but moved to Englewood when they were still young. When they formed their own record label in 1964, they named it T-Neck, after the town where some of the members of their large family were living. And when they released their single “Testify” (divided into parts 1 and 2 on the two sides of the record), they exposed Jimi Hendrix to a national audience, via vinyl, for the first-time. Hendrix played guitar for the band in 1963 and 1964, and also lived with them, on and off. He watched the Beatles make their famous “Ed Sullivan Show” appearance in the Isleys’ Englewood living room, in February 1964. Equal parts gospel, soul and rock, “Testify” is a rave-up about the power of music that’s stunningly intense, at least in the first part (part 2 goes off on a tangent that gets tiresome, with endless shout-outs to other performers such as Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson and Stevie Wonder). Continue Reading →

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