This is the weekend for annual Banding Together webathon

The "Banding Together" webathon takes place Oct. 16-19.

The Banding Together webathon takes place Oct. 16-19.

The Jersey-based Internet radio station,, organizes an annual webathon to combat spondylitis, and this year’s webathon takes place from 11 a.m. Oct. 16 to midnight Oct. 19, with a rebroadcast Oct. 20-23. Live performances from about 70 artists, mostly New Jersey indie bands and singer-songwriters, will be heard.

This is the ninth annual Banding Together webathon; previous editions have raised thousands of dollars for the cause.

Spondylitis is a condition that causes inflammation and fusion in the vertebrae of the spine. About 2.7 million Americans suffer from it.

“This is a very personal benefit for me as my wife, Naomi, suffers from ankylosing spondylitis,” says Larry “Lazlo” Seltzer, the founder of and the organizer of Banding Together. “I have seen the debilitating effects of this disease and the chronic pain and discomfort it causes. This benefit is the least I can do to help my wife, and over a million others who suffer from AS.”

Listeners will be encouraged to donate money via a secure online section of the Spondylitis Association of America’s website; all donors will receive digital download of 41 songs by participating bands. To see the tracks, and the band schedule for the webathon, visit But these are the bands that will be performing, in alphabetical order.

The Accelerators
The Afraid Brigade
After the Burn
Diego Allessandro & Lot 25
The Anderson Council
Jonathan Andrew
Melissa Anthony
Christian Beach
Keith Beck
Bern & the Brights
Josh Bicknell
Black Sox Scandal
The Blurry Minds
Colie Brice
Brandon Broderick
Broken Darling
The B-Sides
Joe Canzano
Scruff Cardinale
Casino Sundae
Jon Caspi
The Centennials
Laree Cisco
Mike Clifford
The Clydes
The Deafening Colors
Deena & Jon (from The Cucumbers)
The Extras Inc.
Sean Faust
Found Vegas
Frank & Bill
Vic Fraternale
Brett Fuentes
Fun While You Wait
Grey Goes Black
A Halo Called Fred
Hat & Boots
The Holy Terror
Hong Kong Graffiti
Rob Jennings
Jersey Drive
Thomas Johnston
Just Waiting
Jason Kundrath
Don Lee
Lifeguard Nights
Little Big Toe
Little Dipper
Renee Maskin
The May Darlings
Paul Rosevear
September’s Ghost
Son of Dov
Suspecting Victim
Jim Testa
Tommy & The Kooks
Bruce Tunkel
Joshua Van Ness
David Van Orden Jr.
Catherine Wacha
The Wag
The Wailing Kids
The Way Out
Weird and Wonderful Words
Mikey Jahbreè Wooley
Dylan Young

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