The West Front: From garage band to headliners



Guitarist Eddie Fernandez and bassist Tony Nemati had discussions about music and more during their high school days. But according to Fernandez, they had “never intended on establishing themselves.”

However, like many others before them, the pair added a drummer and performed locally until the call of higher education came beckoning. Four years later, Fernandez (who had been penning material since high school) was looking to do what he termed as “letting some stuff out” to the masses. Armed with original material, he convinced his younger brother Nick Fernandez to form a band as an outlet for their creativity. A brief search landed drummer Chris Skolsky and, circa 2001, The West Front was born.

Utilizing various lead guitarists, the trio stayed intact and for eight years plied their wares all over New Jersey as they grew together and yet, sadly apart. Going from being post-college kids feeling their way around the music scene, to gaining confidence within themselves on their way to becoming seasoned musicians can separate a lot of bands. Unfortunately, this was the case with Eddie and Nick Fernandez, who grew in two different directions, leading to Nick’s eventual departure from the unit and their now alternative, classic, bluesy and sometimes acoustic-driven original rock.

Left with a large void to fill, the band ran an ad seeking a replacement bassist and it was then that the hand of fate extended itself when none other than old friend Tony Nemati answered the call. “We knew after the first song that we found our guy,” says Skolsky.

Over the years the band, as most do, evolved. Nemati yielded to Jessy Tylers on bass, Vinnie Bruno was added on lead guitar and Jenn Karma was signed as a vocalist to complement Eddie Fernandez. The five-piece unit began to ascend. Nominated for various awards, and opening for acts like Bush, Chevelle, Fuel, John Eddie and Tom Keifer among others, they have gone from garage band to
deserving headliners in a hurry.

Currently the band is in a state of flux as life tends to get in the way and everyday happenstance occurs. They have reached the point of being selective with their performances and continue to write, record and ready themselves for a future that is sure to be very bright.

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