What is Bruce Springsteen’s ultimate ‘Jersey song’?

Bruce Springsteen has won 20 Grammy Awards over the years.


Different Bruce Springsteen songs speak to New Jerseyans in different ways.

What Bruce Springsteen song is most evocative of New Jersey, to you? A couple of weeks ago, in a 350 Jersey Songs entry on “State Trooper,” I wrote that that song was my personal choice, and asked readers for their own choices.

Among the responses, via Facebook:

Charles R. Cross: “Fourth of July Asbury Park (Sandy). But if I were wintering in nj this year I could imagine someone thinking of Nebraska.”

Jason Didner: “I think 10th Avenue Freeze-Out establishes a quintessentially Jersey sound, identifiable to the shore. For lyrics that capture the attitude I think Thunder Road is a great example of that Jersey attitude — that restlessness in youth — the notion that life begins when you have a license and a car and then the crushing disappointment that for many of us there’s really no place to go — and the urge to rebel against it all.”

Bobby Olivier: “As a shore guy, 4th of July Asbury Park gives me the strongest fuzzy jersey feeling. Was listening to it yesterday actually. Paints the picture every time.”

Ken Kurson: “Trooper is definitely the most evocative Springsteen NJ song for me, too. Well used in the Sopranos.”

Ron Ferrara: “I always found that Jungleland embodied everything Jersey-joy, sadness, despair, recklessness. That song always does it for me.”

Linda Belmont: “Jungleland. Epic storytelling. And that sax solo.”

Jim Testa: “I’m a sucker for My Hometown, but Tris McCall covered ‘State Trooper’ and you can’t argue with the man.”

Bridget Nolan: “I’m thinking ‘Sandy’ …..”

Peter Spencer: “Sprung from cages on Highway 9”

There are no right answers, of course. Different songs speak to New Jerseyans in different ways, and at different times in people’s lives, the answer might be different.

I’d be interested, though, in hearing more discussion on this topic, so please feel free to weigh in the comments section below, or on Facebook if you’re accessing the post that way. Thanks!


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