Zydeco Revelators put their own spin on Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ (WATCH VIDEO)

Zydeco Springsteen


I caught just a small portion of the Zydeco Revelators’ set at the Crawfish Fest at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, today. But among the, maybe, four songs I saw, were zydeco-flavored covers of Huey Lewis & the News’ “I Want a New Drug,” The Cars’ “Let’s Go” and … Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.”

I took out my cellphone and made a quick video of “Dancing in the Dark,” starting a few seconds after the song began. Sorry for the less-than-ideal video quality, but I thought the clip was worth sharing, anyway. You can see it below.

The Zydeco Revelators are a Jersey band, fronted by singer-accordionist Phil Passantino of Elizabeth, who told the Jersey Journal in 2015that he fell in love with zydeco on a trip to Louisiana. “We’re go up the streets to a restaurant and see amazing Cajun bands playing and people dancing and we really felt the culture,” he said. “It was something we never experienced before … It’s fun, happy music and makes you want to get up, jump around and dance. The rhythm is infectious!”

According to their Facebook page, the Zydeco Revelators’ next New Jersey show will take place Aug. 22 at the Leonard Gordon Park Conservancy, in Jersey City.

Here is the video:

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