Glen Burtnik announces Xmas Xtravaganza lineup


It has been a tradition of Glen Burtnik’s Xmas Xtravaganza charity concerts that the lineup is never advanced ahead of time. But as someone once said — I don’t know who, but I know I’ve heard the phrase before — some traditions are made to be broken.

Burtnik has announced the lineup for this year’s show, which takes place Dec. 23 at the State Theatre in New Brunswick. Performers will include Burtnik’s band The Weeklings, along with the following: Marshall Crenshaw, Remember Jones, Richard Barone, Kasim Sulton, Tony Shanahan, Jigs Giglio, Tom Brislin & Spiraling, Reagan Richards, Emily Grove, Erin Hill, Nancy Sebastian, Jillian Rhys McCoy, Bre Cade, Brielle Von Hugel, The Barefoot Strings, Anjelia, Don Dazzo, Chuck Buck, The Post 2016 Election Xmas Choir, Patti Maloney, Fawn Segerson, Jacquita May, Michelle Petrie, Kayla Hutchins, Joanna Burns, Alicia Van Sant.

Some of the proceeds will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Elijah’s Promise.

Burtnik has presented Xmas Xtravaganzas at various locations, most years since 1989. The show has certain traditions, such as Jigs Giglio’s dance interpretation of “The 12 Days of Christmas” (see below).

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2 thoughts on “Glen Burtnik announces Xmas Xtravaganza lineup

  1. Actually there will be many more. Freedom Bremner & Lindsey DeSena come to mind. Actually, my last tally was The Weeklings, The Post 2016 Election
    Choir, Anjelia, The Barefoot Strings, Richard Barone, Joe Bellia, Freedom Bremner, Chuck Buck, Joanna Burns, Bob Burger, Tom Brislin & Spiraling, Marshall Crenshaw, Don Dazzo, Lindsey DeSena, Amanda Duncan, Ian Gray, Emily Grove, Linda Heffentrager, Erin Hill, Taylor Hope, Kayla Hutchins, Gina Hyams, Jigs, Remember Jones, Jerzy Jung, Patti Maloney, Dana Marchioni, Jacquita May, John Merjave, Tricia Mozgai, Rob Paparozzi, Thunderbolt Patterson, Michelle Petrie, Jillian Rhys, Reagan Richards, Mark Sacco, Nancy Sebastian, Fawn Segerson, Christina Shafer, Tony Shanahan, Antonique Smith, Mike Stein, Kasim Sulton, Alicia Van Sant, Brielle Von Hugel, myself and most likely, more…

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